There are a variety of different products that can be offered to a customer depending on their size, how they use power, and their level of risk. The top two products that will be offered are Fixed rates and Variable rates. Our energy Specialists will discuss the different options and fit your business with the right product.

Fixed Rates

  • This will provide a customer with a fixed rate that will not change during the length of the specified term.
  • Customers that are looking for price protection will want to choose a fixed rate product.
  • Fixed rates will typically be higher than a variable rate if quoted at the same time.
  • Fixed rates will be better suited for a customer that believes the market is improving which in return will drive costs upward.


Variable Rates

  • This product will fluctuate with the market.
  • A variable rate will be better suited for a customer that is willing to bear some risk.
  • Variable rates will change daily or monthly based on supply & Demand, Economic conditions, and weather.
  • This product does give the customer the flexibility of playing the market while prices are low.
  • Depending on the supplier variable rates can be converted to a fixed rate when market conditions improve.