Premier Solutions

Premier Solutions is headquartered in downtown Staten Island,
New York overlooking the Manhattan skyline.


Premier is a one stop shop for all your outsourced sales, marketing, customer service and support needs. Our executive staff has worked in the largest contact and operation centers in the United States and Latin America and has provided their expertise and knowledge to all our clients.

Our executive staff has over 40 years of experience in the industry with a proven track record. Our team is your team and we look forward to building long lasting relationships with the clients that we partner with. We provide solutions for our clients and efficiently get the job done!


At Premier, the culture is the difference. We recognize that our success and growth depend on the talent of our employees. We leverage our proven training and proprietary technology to ensure the success and professionalism of our staff. This combination has made us one of the leading outsourced companies that provides a total solution to our clients.

At Premier we have respect for diversity, and we care that each member of our team at any level feels respected and comfortable working with our company. We make sure each employee has an equal opportunity to grow within the organization.

Since inception we have efficiently increased our client’s revenue and market share while simultaneously cutting costs. This is achieved by hard work, dedication and by implementing our successful methods of operations. Here at Premier we seek to push the boundaries and think outside the box. Our young and aggressive team knows how to utilize and maximize current technology. Whether you are looking to turn sales and marketing ideas into reality or cut costs by streamlining your customer service or operation department, Premier is a one stop shop for all your needs